Digital Time Capture Channel Partner Program

Offer one of the industry's most rock-solid, contemporary platforms - DTC Timesheet Software.

Digital Time Capture products are designed to seamlessly complement one another and minimize inefficiencies across different areas of the construction business. We developed a set of features and functionality that resonates with the needs of users in the construction industry. Our tools are individually superior and when used as an integrated set, produce the strongest productivity offering in the construction industry.


As a DTC Timesheet Software Channel Partner you'll play a part of:

  • Years of construction industry and construction software expertise and domain knowledge.
  • Generous revenue and profit opportunities thru increased software sales and services.
  • Access to and association with a contemporary and comprehensive software product and technology platform (.Net and SQL Server) in the construction industry.
  • The ability to engage with and cultivate a loyal customer base by offering not just implementation services, but value add consulting services due to flexibility and configurability of the software.
  • A proven migration path for existing customers - DTC has a team dedicated to data conversion services - Because of the high number of contractors moving to DTC Timesheet Software, we've added conversion services to assist new customers in migrating their detailed historic data from some of the industry's leading systems. 
  • An enthusiastic, supportive, loyal and reference-able customer base.
  • A well attended annual user conference where customers and partners reinforce why they chose DTC Timesheet Software.
  • A commitment to putting the customer first resulting in actions that drive impactful results.

Channel specific sales, marketing, and administrative support along with lead generation programs.

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