DTC Construction Timesheet Success Stories

ROI Driven - Digital Time Capture customers realize full ROI within 6 months of implementing DTC


SRS Industrial - General Contractor

“We were able to track labour, equipment, material and expenses against a project schedule with over 1,600 tasks. DTC enabled us to track and report actual hours and costs against budget ultimately achieving targets, keeping our client informed, and driving our forecast to completion.”
- Vic Intenberg, Senior Vice President & General Manager for SRS Industrial (www.srsindustrial.ca


DCM Group - Shutdown

"Digital Time Capture’s return on investment was almost immediate because it helped us to process our invoicing faster, with fewer personnel so we’ve improved cash flow without increasing overhead.  It’s a great software for the price point, but the real value we’ve enjoyed has been in the professional service of the implementation team."
- Rob Dowler Manager of Operations for DCM Group (www.dcmgroup.ca)


Advanced Specialty Contractors - Specialty Contractor

“New users love how easy DTC is to utilize….. We can configure DTC for a new branch in less than half a day, train power users in 1 ½ days and we can roll out a new branch in 3 days max.” - Andrew Martin, Senior System Analyst for Advanced Specialty Contractors (www.advancedspecialtycontractors.com)


Eveready Industrial - Industrial Services

“With a full payroll integration already in place, Eveready and Digital Time Capture have deployed an Accounts Receivable integration so once invoices are created in DTC they are electronically imported seamlessly into our financial system..” states Michael Barr, Director of Information Technology.  “In addition to internal integrations we have been working with our clients to provide electronic reports and invoices so they can import the data directly into their systems as well.” “This has reduced keying errors, reconciliation efforts and increased confidence in our ability to provide accurate and timely cost reports to our clients.”