Field Data Collection


DTC is Timesheet Management Software created specifically for the industrial construction industry, by the industry.

DTC enables organizations to track labour, equipment, material, and subcontractor information as it happens on-site. This information is used to produce:

  • Same-day cost reports
  • Actual to budget comparisons
  • Forecasting metrics
  • Invoices on demand

DTC Timesheet Management Software enables the industrial construction industry to take control of their timesheet data by using the software to perform the following functions:

Timesheets and Time Tracking

Record hours worked by cost code, quantities completed, and daily diary notes, and synch that information with the office using a laptop or handheld device. Analyze fresh data to optimize resources for the next day and provide real-time integration with accounting to accelerate cash flow for faster project billing.

Direct Accounting Integration

Collect and store timesheet data from jobsites, while sharing data electronically with accounting systems to eliminate double entry. Maintain time sheet standards with labour classifications, and other user defined tags. Import timesheet data to any third-party systems or to any accounting system. Record notes for each cost item including assumptions, jobsite observations, and more. Increase communication for issues that include staging and additional information to the field operators. Provides crew based timesheets with pre-defined data streamlining foreman or supervisor completion.

Field Resource Tracking

Manage field resources efficiently. Analyze information about productivity and accurately track materials, expenses, and equipment usage.  Track owned, rented and owner-operator equipment and establish daily cost rates for each piece of equipment independent of the approved charge rate. Assign equipment to projects to accrue daily costs to the project and create an equipment schedule.

Anywhere Project Analysis

Web-based reporting and dashboards make it easy to get information from anywhere. Meet with customers on-site to discuss projects with total access to historical information, as well as the ability to develop preliminary budget estimates for project or job budget creation on the fly.

Monitor "Actual" Project Costs Without Accounting Delays

Stay up to speed on job and project progress on a daily basis without waiting for accounting information. Preliminary and actual cost data is available daily to assess the need to make potential changes while there's still time to have an impact on the project's success and gross profit margin. Recognize time and other valuable information the moment it is entered without waiting for accounting and not having to re-enter data into multiple systems.

Sub-Contractor & Vendor Management

Control and monitor vendor commitments and activity, including original contract project components, change orders, invoices, requisitions, retention processing, and payments.

Remote Data Access

Save time and frustration by accessing information from anywhere including the office, remote offices, home, or client sites. Updates are entered throughout the day on site, and when convenient, a connection is made to the network to receive and send changes. Entry straight from the field eliminates duplicate data entry into numerous systems. Provide remote project access to managers, foremen and superintendents providing complete access to critical information needed to manage jobs remotely in one central location. Track cost and productivity, and ongoing project activities.

Centralize Project Information

Eliminate storing project information on local drives and multiple network locations. Project data is conveniently stored in one location and shared for easy access to all team members.