An Integration Solution

A contemporary platform that easily grows with you.

DTC Timesheet Software is built in the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET framework delivering ease of use, ease of administration, unmatched customization to meet your business requirements and keep cost low.

Easy implementation and integration with existing systems makes an organization-wide transition less cumbersome and time-consuming than it is with other systems. It's modularity ensures faster development of new applications and the ability to update with new functionality as your business grows and changes. It's a platform that ultimately delivers more value and more profit to your company's bottom line.

Microsoft .net


DTC Software is built with the Microsoft .NET framework and award-winning Microsoft SQL Server. DTC leverages these powerful technologies to further increase customer profitability by improving productivity through efficiency.

Industry-Leading Performance

DTC Software utilizes highly optimized data access to SQL Server caching datasets on the client for faster response and reduced server trips, making it fast and scalable.

Industry-Leading Flexibility

DTC Software, dynamic graphical user interface (GUI) allows users an unprecedented amount of flexibility to personalize their user experience.

Industry-Leading Support

DTC Software is easy to use. Clients self-update thus reducing the work of maintaining a typical client application. Administrators can choose to use "Trusted Connection" for DTC login thereby eliminating the need to create and track another username and password set. DTC's universal licenses simplify the task of monitoring software usage.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft's award-winning relational database and analysis system is our foundation. SQL Server provides mission-critical stability and scalability, and communicates easily with leading third-party tools.


SQL Server has been designed from the ground up to handle mission-critical business applications. The database has built in intelligent "restart and roll-back" features in the event of a failure during processing.


SQL Server has the ability to scale from 10 to 1,000+ users. This award-winning database has built in support for the most modern multi-processor systems.

Communicates with Other Leading Tools

SQL Server communicates easily with leading tools such as Excel, SharePoint and Reporting Services, MS Project, allowing you to share consistent data across your entire organization.

Ease Of Administration

SQL Server is delivered with a rich complement of administration utilities. Features such as: daily back-up and restore, database self tuning and healing, and index creation are just a few of the built-in utilities available.

Microsoft Server

DTC employs Microsoft's industry-leading server operating system. Windows Server is a powerful multi-user and multi-processor business tool.

Stable and Scalable

Microsoft Windows Server is a truly scalable multi-user and multi-processor business application tool.

Open Industry Standard

If you're tired of supporting multiple operating systems (e.g. Unix/Linux, AS/400, etc.) for your current mix of applications, DTC is the logical choice. Standardize on Microsoft's industry leading operating system for all your business applications.

Local Support

A large network of certified Microsoft partners is available throughout North America to provide operating system, network, database and office application support.