Timesheet Management Software

No longer do you need to use separate timesheet, payroll, and invoicing software solutions to run a job. DTC's easy to use interface allows construction companies to capture payroll and invoicing data while automating all necessary calculations and seamlessly integrating the data with any payroll or ERP system. 

Below, you will find the key advantages of using DTC Construction Timesheet Software.

Data Capture

Capture accurate timesheet data needed to generate invoices and process payroll.

Field Data
Capture labour, equipment, material, and any other incidental project costs, including subcontractor information as it happens on-site.

Payroll Data
Capture large volumes of additional payment amounts to employees such as travel allowances, per diems, retention bonuses and more.

Invoicing Data
Capture additional invoicing amounts chargable to your clients, such as employee travel allowances, per diems, incidental rentals, surcharges, and more.

Payroll Processing

Leave the back-end payroll details to the experts. Eliminate the burden of calculating CPP, EI & taxes, and ensure your payroll is compliant and hassle free.

Third Party Payroll
DTC is extremely flexible and capable of integrating with any payroll system.


Generate invoices easily and quickly, with all supporting backup data at your fingertips.

Prompt Payments
Minimize lengthy reconciliations, payment delays and cash flow crunches by submitting the correct invoice once.

Invoices on Demand
Generate any invoice as quickly as timesheet data can be entered and approved.

Report & Analyze
Spend less time generating reports and more time analyzing and sharing the results.