DTC Client Gains Quicker Invoice Approval

The Client

Since 2008, DCM Inc. has offered services in the field of construction for the entire project cycle. DCM Inc. provides industrial construction services, technical expert services, engineering and technical support, as well as highly specialized consulting services in the field of monitoring of projects, performance, maintenance, environment, energy management and the management of industrial construction.


The Challenge

In 2009, DCM Inc. recognized that they did not have a solution for capturing job LEM data (labour, equipment, and materials). In their evaluation, they were primarily concerned with finding a solution that eliminated the need for duplicate data entry and allowed them to produce invoices in less time.

"Digital Time Capture’s return on investment was almost immediate because it helped us to process our invoicing faster, with fewer personnel, so we’ve improved cash flow without increasing overhead.  It’s a great software for the price point, but the real value we’ve enjoyed has been in the professional service of the implementation team." - Rob Dowler Manager of Operations for DCM Group


The Solution

Today, DTC is used as a front-end system to capture the LEM data, as it happens in real-time. After implementing DTC, the need to perform duplicate data entry was eliminated and this drastically reduced DCM’s rate of error. After the data is captured by DTC, DCM exports a file with the hours worked to their client for approval. Once all the hours have been approved for an invoicing period, an invoice report is quickly generated in DTC. The invoice is sent to the client electronically, while the same data is then exported to the DCM ERP system for payroll processing.

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