Client Invoicing

Using DTC for client invoicing can have a profound impact on your bottom line by minimizing lengthy reconciliations, payment delays and cash flow crunches. The data produced is highly detailed, and can be audited within DTC, making invoices indisputably accurate.

Perform invoicing using DTC and generate any invoice as quickly as timesheet data can be entered and approved. 

DTC generates accurate invoices on-demand for any criteria of your choosing, including:

  • Specific projects or sub-projects
  • Specific Clients
  • Hand-picked time frames

DTC can integrate with any financial or ERP system. Send accounts receivable summary to your ERP system and keep job details you do not wish to clutter your ERP system with in DTC, knowing that you have all of the backup data accessible at any time. 

Don’t have an ERP system? Use DTC to capture this information. Find out how →