6 Essential Certification Tracking System Features

Certification tracking system

Many construction companies are faced with the challenge of finding a consistent way of tracking certifications within their organization.  Learn what six features to look for when choosing a certification tracking system:


Certification tracking systems that are centralized will lead to more efficient data collection. A centralized system enables certification information to be entered only once and stores a history of certifications for each worker, following them from project to project regardless of their location.

Certification types

Certification types are the different categories of certificates that exist among workers.  Administrators must be able to define how each certification type is tracked by enabling the data capture of certain information fields.  For example, administrators may wish their certification tracking system to automatically track the certification number, expiry date, status, certification issuer, region, province or state, and certification agency of each certificate.  Without setting certification types, contractors will be unable to track certifications consistently throughout their organization, leading to inconsistencies, errors, and discrepancies. 

Personnel Manager

Every certification tracking system needs a personnel manager where individual certifications are entered.  This can be easily setup if a certification tracking system defines certification types.  Once a type is selected for a worker’s certification, the required information fields can be simply filled-in by the user.

Certification grid

A certification grid has the potential to group and filter certifications in countless ways.  For example, filtering by project and filtering to show certifications for personnel assigned to the selected project allows a contractor, at anytime, to view only those certifications relevant to a specific project.

Certification image printing and storing

To prove worker’s have the required certificates for a job, a certification tracking system must store file images of the certifications.  This enables the certification grid to group all the welding ticket certifications and print the images with the click of a button. 

Exportation Function

Exporting certification data, once it has been filtered in the certification grid, is an essential tool when integrating the data with another system. The export function gives company’s the flexibility to store the certification information on another system after it is captured through the certification tracking system.

DTC Certification Tracking is the most centralized certification tracking system that gives construction companies control over tracking their workers’ certifications.  To learn more about DTC Certification Tracking view our demonstration video below: