Automating Retroactive Rates for Industrial Construction

Retroactive rate changes can be difficult to tackle at the best of times. Manually performing this process on spreadsheets can conceptually seem straight forward, but in the industrial construction industry rates and job codes can change often and throughout the day for many employees.  Using a manual process, these complexities need to be managed on a per-employee basis and making changes becomes very time consuming when they are frequently made for hundreds of employees.

Instead of performing these changes using manual calculations and spreadsheets, DTC can make changes to hundreds of employees’ wages quickly, controlling who it is applied to and when it becomes effective. DTC captures the data originally entered and tracks what has been exported and where it has been exported from. Then DTC calculates and exports the charged payroll rates, saving the records for each employee. DTC automatically looks-up the dates, classifications, rates by project, and rates in rate tables for the user. Users can manage the rates charged during a project by using the DTC rate table. Next, rates can be edited and set to change on a specific date.

This process will be run under the criteria given by the user and the data will be displayed accordingly. For example, DTC can search its records for what timesheets were made for June 15thand compare the rates that were applied to each of those timesheets. DTC will calculate the difference in wage if a record is under or over the new rate and make the required change. This same process can be run no matter the volume of changes needed. Users can set changes to only affect payroll and or charge (invoice) rates and export to the appropriate system if required.

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