The Problem with Pre-populated Crew Timesheets

Pre-populating crew timesheets at the beginning of the day complete with job and cost code information is not always efficient for industrial construction companies.

Often industrial construction companies reconfigure their crew timesheets on a daily basis.  Workers perform jobs and travel to locations that do not follow the original plan resulting in daily crew timesheets alterations, complete with different cost codes and personnel. At times it is simpler to manually enter personnel into the crew timesheet and assign the cost codes for the day.

Some may argue that companies who align personnel with the cost codes and locations according to the plan minimize costs and save time. However, at the end of the day a company cannot control whether jobs are completed as originally intended.  Companies cannot rule whether workers will need to be reassigned and moved to different locations before or later than intended.

If this is the case, what solutions can solve this problem and how can we make this process easier?  

Digital Time Capture provides crew based timesheets with pre-defined data, streamlining foreman or supervisor completion. With our remote data access, save time and frustration by accessing information from anywhere including the office, remote offices, home, or client sites. Entering straight from the field eliminates duplicate data entry into numerous systems. Provide remote project access to managers, foremen and superintendents providing complete access to critical information needed to manage jobs remotely in one central location. Track cost and productivity, and ongoing project activities. To learn more about DTC software, Request a one-on-one demonstration with a DTC Representative.